Boya Microphone

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1. Boya ByM1 Auxiliary Microphone

The Boya ByM1 lavalier microphone is a versatile and affordable solution for content creators. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern captures sound from all directions, ensuring clear and consistent audio quality. The 20 feet audio cable provides flexibility for different recording situations, whether using a smartphone, DSLR or PC. The easy switch between camera and smartphone modes, along with its battery-powered design, makes it an excellent choice for vloggers and YouTubers who want quality audio on a budget.

2. Boya BY-M1 Pro 

Boya's BY-M1 Pro lavalier mic delivers top-notch audio with gain control and noise cancellation. The headphone-out feature enables real-time audio monitoring. Compatible with iPhone, Android, DSLRs, and more, it's perfect for high-quality gaming, streaming, and content creation. Its versatility and user-friendly connectivity make it a go-to for content creators.

3. Boya 2.4 GHz

Boya's 2.4 GHz wireless mic system, featured in the Amazon Republic Day sale, is a game-changer for vloggers and social media creators. With two transmitters and one receiver, it offers a 50-meter range for flexibility in recording. The omnidirectional pickup pattern is perfect for YouTube and live-streaming. Plus, the rechargeable battery adds convenience, making it a reliable choice for on-the-go content creation.

4. Boya ByM1 (white)

The White Buoy ByM1 Auxiliary Lavalier Microphone is a stylish audio solution for vloggers and video makers. With reliable omnidirectional audio capture, it ensures high-quality sound for various multimedia applications. The sleek white design adds both attractiveness and practicality, making it an excellent tool for creators in need of top-notch audio recording.

5. BOYA BY-XM6 S2 

The BOYA BY-XM6 S2 is a top-tier dual wireless lavalier microphone system, ideal for YouTube, TikTok, vlogging, and interviews. Operating at 2.4GHz, it ensures clear transmission and is compatible with iPhone, Android, DSLR cameras, and webcams, offering versatility for different recording scenarios. With its user-friendly design and quality audio capture, it proves to be an excellent investment for creators aiming for professional-grade content.

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