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John CarpenterOf Thing Released in theaters on June 25, 1982, a few weeks after the box office darling. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial And Poltergeist. Alas, the film failed miserably at the time. When Thing As a sci-fi masterpiece may have advanced, finding its audience was not quick. And that is Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Although merchandising for John Carpenter’s Practical Effects Showcase has not been as strong as it has been in the last four decades, there are still many wonderful collections, especially in recent years, including books, toys, art and more.

Here are ten coolest Thing Collection published over the years.

Thing Novel by Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster’s novel was released ahead of the tie-in ThingStarted in theaters and was based on an earlier draft of the script. That means you can expect some descriptive differences from the finished film. Well, if you can find it, it is. When it comes to the surface, a long printed novel on a marketplace like eBay and Amazon goes for a ton of money.

The Thing From Another World Comic Books

The Dark Horse comics began where Carpenter left off in the 1982 comic sequel. The Thing From Another World. The two-issue comic was written by Chuck Ferrer, featuring artwork by John Higgins and published in 1991. It continues McRady’s bid to stop the alien after being rescued by another research facility. The Thing from Another World Some of the different stories that followed his 1991 run continued, including the Viking-set tie-in with the 2011 prequel film. The Thing From Another World: The Northman Nightmare.

Blair Monster Toy from McFarlane Toys

The McFarlane Toys mega-popular movie Maniac line was launched in 1998 with the first series in an ongoing collection featuring detailed figures of horror movie characters. Its third series, in 2000, brought two creatures Thing: Norris Spider-Head and Blair Monster. The latter design is particularly cool and not as common as its Spider-like counterpart.

Spiderhead collectible from SOTA toys

In 2006, a handful of years after McFarlane Toys accepted Norris’ iconic Spider Moment, SOTA Toys released the Niftyar version in the form of a Limited-Edition Mini Bust. The package and resin came with a black base for figure display. Statue made for a perfect desk mate.

Botin Monster Figure from Chronicle Collectibles

Another limited-edition figure, this time exclusive booty crate by Chronicle Collectibles. The company took inspiration from Danny Wagner’s sculpture and paid tribute to SFX master Rob Botin on the packaging, referring to the figure as the “Botins Monster”.

Thing Screenprint by Tyler Stout

Carpenter’s masterwork may have inspired countless pieces of stunning artwork over the decades, but this 24 ″ x 36 ″ screenprint by artist Tyler Stout, commissioned by Alamo Drafthouse for repertory screening, ranks high among them. It assembles not only the design and layout, outpost 31 and all the unfortunate characters of its alien intruders, but in detail. A closer look at the print shows that the eyes of all the infected characters are red, and glow red in the dark as an extra touch.

The Thing: Artbook

A 400-page hardcover artbook of printed in blood was celebrated ThingOf 35th anniversary. The huge artbook contains over 375 pieces of art created specifically for this collection, bringing together artists from around the world from comics, fine art, animation and illustration. It also has an introduction by Eli Roth and the word after it Thing Director John Carpenter.

Item: Infection at Outpost 31 Board game

Designed by OP Games, Infection at output 31 The board captures the film’s paranoia in game form. A group of 4-8 players decides to clear the outpost of alien enemies and collect gear for their escape, while “imitation” players secretly work to sabotage the group and work against them without being discovered. The Hidden Identity board game creates paranoia in players, which complements Carpenter’s movie perfectly.

Thing Reinstall OST Vinyl Deluxe

The original motion picture soundtrack saw a vinyl release in 1982, making for another out-of-print rarity. Fortunately, Waxwork Records unveiled a deluxe rendition of Ennio Morricone’s Masterclass score in 2020, featuring new artwork, excellent packaging and exclusive vinyl variants.

Figure 40th Anniversary of NECA

NECA is celebrating The Thing 40th anniversary By paying homage to the iconic poster. The forthcoming limited release recreates the original and iconic poster art for theatrical run. This exclusive deco figure is about 7 inches tall and features LED lights and interchangeable and removable faceplates in the head to create an explosion of signature light in the poster.

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