June 27, 2022


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‘Allegoria’ – Trailer for Spider One’s first horror movie found [Exclusive]

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Opus Comics Joined forces with the band Cradle of dirt For the new horror title, the store is set to hit the shelves July 20, 2022. But why wait? Bloody Disgusting is currently offering a special 10-page preview of the first issue of Cradle of the Field Horror Comic!

Cradle of Dirt: Cursed Athenium With five issues planned at the moment, a new monthly is set to become a comic. Fantasy-horror comic retail, rightly so, sells for 6.66 per issue.

The series is produced in direct partnership with the Cradle of Filth.

“The ruins of the Moldictus Athenium contain secret history, sealed records, and cursed artifacts – these unholy archives explore the far corners of the cradle of filth’s musical heritage, the vast universe of Ageless Vampires and the mythical Vengeance God.”

“Within this hidden treasury, we revisit The Scubus and Nemesis in the comic talent’s all-star roster stories.”

Preview the main story from Cradle of Filth Issue # 1 below, courtesy of the author Holly Interlandy And artist Menton 3And also check out three different covers for the debut issue!

Next Monday (June 27) is the final cutoff for retailers to place their orders.

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