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Alec Baldwin Already In Twitter!

Alec Baldwin has just joined Twitter! Although the new episode of “30 Rock” won’t air for months.

“My first tweet,” Baldwin wrote on Friday. “Maybe I needed a glass of wine beforehand. I feel … so shy.”

Since he became a member of the social networking site, he racked up more than 37,500 followers and has been tweeting up a like a storm.

Besides giving his opinion on Gabrielle Giffords’ alleged shooter Jared Loughner being deemed unfit to stand trial (“Let’s see. Loaded the gun. Stalked the Congresswoman. Laying in wait”), he also shared his thoughts on music (“Rufus Wainwright singing in Watermill with his sister, Martha. Heavenly”) and movies (“AMOUR FOU…YSL doc….outstanding”).

Baldwin joked about a project he’s attached to (“ROCK OF AGES? What’s that?”), and also revealed that he had gotten stranded while boating in Long Island over Memorial Day Weekend.

“Boat died in Gardiner’s Bay. Called SEATOW. S—. No, really. S—,” he tweeted May 28, then added, “Back on land now. I kind of liked [being] stranded.”

Baldwin also wrote some words of wisdom he received about using the social networking site: “Friend told me today not to drink and tweet.”